CBCB – Czech Banking Credit Bureau, a.s.
Na Vítězné pláni 1719/4
140 00 Prague 4
T: 277 778 600, 242 438 600

Security guarantee of your data

  • The CIBR is a closed system.
  • All data is transferred via secured private lines.
  • All data is encrypted.
  • All the communicating servers and clients of this closed system are identified and authorized with certificates issued by an accredited provider of certificate services.
  • Apart from technical security there are many organizational rules and checks which make the system's abuse impossible.
  • Information from the CIBR can only be accessed by authorized users (banks) of this project. Each bank can obtain, based on strict rules, information about its clients (whether newcomers, potential or existing clients of the bank with whom the bank is trying to secure a financial agreement.