CBCB – Czech Banking Credit Bureau, a.s.
Na Vítězné pláni 1719/4
140 00 Prague 4
T: 277 778 600, 242 438 600

Information duty

The Personal Data Protection Act obliges administrators of personal data (in the case of the CIBR it is a bank) to inform data subjects (the banks' clients) before processing their personal data. The administrator of personal data is obliged to inform the data subject in writing about the following matters: to what extent and for what purpose the data is being processed, and by whom those personal details can be accessed and addressed.

Under this act, upon written request and for adequate compensation, the administrator of personal data must provide the data subject with all information on the personal data processed about them. This information (the credit report from the CIBR) will be provided by the operator of the register, i.e. CBCB.